Thursday, 5 January 2012


This is our animatics from the storyboard we created for our film opening, we started by drawing out our story. then we scanned all the images and saved them onto the computer then we edited the images on paint to make them sharper and more detailed than they were. Jack used windows movie maker create the animations and the actual video. Ryan and myself edited the images to make sure there was a certain amount of movement in the videos. Jack added effects such as the blurring of each scene to make it feel as if he was trying to remember what happened at that certain time. The images do not show the villains face and we only ever see his back this adds a mysterious feeling as we never know what he looks like and who he is. The man is being interrogating and the event that happened an what he is being questioned for is shown. The movement we added such as the sniper moving from window to window and then taking the shot shows the event in more depth. They also help show what camera angles we will be using we need to stick by these so we stay organised